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About us

T&3s is first of all two brothers and a sister who are passionate about the fashion world but with totally different styles. Thus they wanted to build its identity around three flagship designs representing each their own universe : refinement, singularity and commitment.




The refinement of T&3’s is mainly characterized by the embroidery of its designs to give its pieces a chic and refined look.
The singularity is its central value. Its three designs have been thought out and conceived in such a way that each of its pieces can bring out a certain uniqueness.

Finally T&3’s wants to be a committed brand. Each year it has set itself the objective of helping orphanages and associations in AFRICA, mainly in CAMEROON, by making donations in kind such as basic necessities or financial aid.
As you will have understood, T&3’s wants to be a community of people with different backgrounds and styles united around its three designs and values in order to create a Family